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Cletis Swopes

Owner, Shade-Wise LLC

Cletis grew up in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, where his passion for mathematics, wrestling, and football thrived. He was raised among eight siblings, consisting of four brothers and three sisters. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, where he pursued a major in Mathematics and a minor in Physics while also making a name for himself as a skilled wrestler on a national level.

Following his college journey, Cletis gained practical experience by spending two years on an engineering team at a company that manufactured hair clippers and hair dryers. Subsequently, he embarked on a 30-year adventure, holding various Engineering roles with Springs Window Fashions, one of the largest window blind and shade companies in the US.

Despite residing in Wisconsin for many years, Cletis remains a dedicated Chicago Bears fan and takes immense pleasure in football, golf, and soccer events. He's happily married and a proud father of three daughters.

In his professional pursuits, Cletis approaches his work with a positive attitude, a friendly demeanor, and an easily approachable nature. He's dedicated to providing customers with a valuable and educational experience by attentively listening to their unique needs and desires. With this understanding, he offers well-informed consultations, expert quotes, skilled installation, informative demonstrations, and transparent warranty information, all contributing to the delivery of high-quality service.


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